Murder Mystery Dinners from Torchlight Heritage

Imagining being invited by a mysterious host, to a foreboding heritage location, candle lit and atmospheric… only to find that the host has gone missing. Well that is what is would happen on one of our mystery dinners. Based at some of the most stunning heritage locations across the South Coast they are site specific immersive experiences… meaning that the mystery will fit the location and you are placed at the heart of the action.

Whether it is a troublesome Edwardian family in a country manor house, rivalry in the ranks in a Victorian Fort, or war-time drama in a museum, or murder aboard a Victorian warship; you will be in the middle of the drama from the beginning spending the whole evening with your hosts. You will accompany them as you explore the location looking for clues - offering a unique opportunity to explore the locations after dark as you weave through dark corridors by torchlight.

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Six suspects await you in a country house hotel

Murder at Highfield Park

There has been a murder at a Country House Hotel... can you help explore the Hotel to solve it?

22 November, 2024

From the Casebook: Operation Secret Window

Especially created for Rushmoor Borough Council Operation Secret Window was an outdoor adventure game with escape room clues and immersive actors. The game utilised six window art installations created to celebrate the heritage of Aldershot Town Centre. Each window reflected a shop or business from the past one hundred years and the game involved players locating shops that stood one hundred years ago. By asking actors placed on the route relevant questions they could lead you to a shop that stood for over 150 years - a musical shop on Potters Corner. Most teams successfully completed the challenge in one hour. Special congratulations to team “Missing in Action” who completed the route in 37 mins! They had played Operation Secret Agent (a 1940s themed outdoor escape room) and attended the Heritage Tours Torchlight Tours had provided earlier that month. It pays to do your research!

(photos by Rushmoor Borough Council - Shaun Jackson)

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Murder at Highfield Park

There has been a murder at a Country House Hotel... can you help explore the Hotel to solve it?

22 November, 2024
7:30PM - 10:30PM

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