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Everyone Loves a Mystery… that is why we try to produce the most intriguing of puzzles to baffle and bemuse you. Whether it be the excitement of an interactive murder mystery dinner in an atmospheric heritage location, or the mystery of a locked room, or even watching a classic whodunit murder mystery… there will be something to puzzle over.

Torchlight Mysteries are dedicated to bringing innovative mysteries to heritage locations in the Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and London. From Agatha Christie plays in a Tudor Manor House, to adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in Conan Doyle’s family home, immersive experiences to stately homes to a classic whodunnit in a Norman castle - we relish the challenge of innovation.

From the Casebook: Sherlock Holmes and Festival of Christmas

As part of the Festival of Christmas in 2017, ​Sherlock Holmes recruited Irregulars on the streets of the Dockyard with a little help from Torchlight Mysteries. Six suspects were responsible for stealing one of the Orders of Chivalry and it was the ‘Irregulars’ responsibility to find out what happened. Luckily Holmes and Watson were on hand to point out where everyone was going wrong. Hundreds of people signed up and played during the three day Christmas Festival.

The site-wide immersive mystery was commissioned by the Dockyard to encourage people to explore the entire site. Live action actors and online tools allowed players to get into the heart of the action, searching the stalls and markets for our suspects. Once they collected all the information and made their conclusions they could find Holmes and Watson to confirm their deductions. Feedback was excellent with many parents saying it was the entire focus of their visit while their children dragged them around the site looking for suspects. All the suspects agreed the children were asking by far the hardest questions!

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