Murder Mystery at Stansted House

Imagine being invited to a mysterious Country Estate by an enigmatic host… with a room of curious guests your host never appears… the clock is ticking, and you must work as a team to investigate what happened. Well, that is exactly what will happen when you join Torchlight Mysteries for a truly immersive Murder Mystery at Stansted House. As you make your way up the steps of the great House you will be emerged into Downton-Abbey-like world of servants bustling downstairs, while landed gentry dine in style upstairs. But behind all the facades are dark secrets and everyone is not quite as they appear. You will be tasked to interrogate the suspects in the magnificent setting of Stansted House and find out which of the guests, or servants, could be capable of murder. Use your best sleuthing skills to piece together the trail of clues as you make your way around the House, and after you have interrogated the suspects, you must reach your conclusion as tea and coffee are served.

Date: Friday 10 September, 2021 - starting at 7:00 PM

The Location: Stansted House

The Price: £20

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Murder Mystery at Stansted House

Six suspects are invited to a Country House but what do they have to hide?

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