The Brickworks Escape Room

A virtual Escape Room Game from the comfort of your own home! The Guild of Brickmakers has a secret room within the newly opened Victorian Brickworks at Bursledon. They have secured inside the secret plans to a new steam turbine driven machine that will revolutionise the industry - but they don't want the World to know about it and have locked them inside their vaults. Your task is to find the hidden rooms of the Guild and secure the plans to give to the rival Brickworks owner. Do you think you have the puzzle solving ability to find the room and locate the vault? If you think you have what it takes then we want to hear from you! The new game is available for live action play within the Brickworks Museum from the comfort of your own home. You will instruct a live Games Master in what to do, how to solve the puzzles and how to open locks. The game will take just over an hour and will be streamed live directly into your own home. You will just need a browser with camera and microphone so you can communicate with the Games Master. Up to 5 users can view the game at once. This Escape Room is suitable for all the family.

Date: 01/02/21 to 30/04/21 - starting at 12:00 PM

The Location: The Brickworks Museum

The Price: £30

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The Brickworks Escape Room

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