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Mr Fezziwig’s Christmas Party

Mr Fezziwig’s Christmas Party
Mr Fezziwig’s Christmas Party

Mr Fezziwig’s Christmas Party

It is 1843 and Mr Fezziwig is holding his annual Christmas Party in the splendour of a candlelit Wymering Manor. Jacob Marley is guest of honour for the evening but as other Dickensian characters arrive Mr Marley goes missing - who might be responsible for his disappearance. Was it the deplorable Daniel Quilp, the hard working Kate Nickleby, the mysterious Jack Dawkins, the caring Amy Dorrit, the cold Estella Havisham, or the mean Ebenezer Scrooge. What has happened, will your fellow revellers hold the clues to his disappearance? Enjoy a superb buffet and drinks, interrogate the characters, work together to identify the murderer and decide the motive and method of the crime. Then when coffee and mince pies are served you can reach your conclusions and all will be revealed.

The Date: Saturday 02 December, 2017

The Location: Wymering Manor
The Time: 7:30 PM
The Price: £35

The party lasts approximately 3 hours and involves interaction with actors and Victorian Parlour Games - offering a unique perspective to the Manor at night in the spooky setting of the Wymering Manor.

Sumptuous Fezziwig Victorian Buffet - authentic Victorian feast!

Victorian Christmas Punch and Mulled Wine

Wymering Manor
Address: Old Wymering Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 6NL