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The Christmas M33 Mystery

The Christmas M33 Mystery
The Christmas M33 Mystery
The Christmas M33 Mystery
The Christmas M33 Mystery

The Christmas M33 Mystery

It is 1919 and the M33 has returned for Christmas.

As you step aboard the historic HMS M.33, the only remaining ship from the WW1 Gallipoli Campaign, you are greeted by characters from the Ship’s past. As you get to know your hosts a mystery unfolds, a mystery that must be solved very quickly! You will need to be the Captain’s detectives; explore the ship, interview the crew and as you delve deeper into their shadowed pasts you will begin to piece together their motives and opportunities. But it is a race against time, as you will have one hour before the military police turn up to apprehend the culprit. Can you assist the Captain or will you be baffled by the lies and accusations of the suspects? But you must act quickly because only the right question will get the answers you need; and the suspects will have a big clue to give only once. Will you be the first to find it?

And finally, as you make your way back to the Engine Room of the ship, you have a few more minutes to finalise your conclusions over much needed hot drink and mince pie. And as your team debates the twists and turns you will get to accuse your suspect - but did you deduce correctly? Finally the Captain will reveal all…

The Date: Friday 15 December, 2017

The Location: HMS M.33
The Time: 9:00 PM
The Price: £20

An excellent Christmas team event for your friends and family to assist your sleuthing skills; the game is afoot!

Why not enquire about challenging your work colleagues to get your name on our M33 Leaderboard.

Suitable for 12 years and above. We are sorry to report that the lift to M33 is currently not working so this event is not accessible for those in wheelchairs.

HMS M.33
Address: Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ