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Twilight Ghost Stories from Portchester Castle

Twilight Ghost Stories from Portchester Castle

Twilight Ghost Stories from Portchester Castle

As twillight settles across the thousand year old ruins of Portchester Castle you are invited inside the great Keep to explore by torchlight the vast empty tower. But as you explore you will find that the tower is not quite empty as you might think. Lurking in the shadows are figures from the past with a story to tell. But as you climb higher and higher within the Norman fortification you will realise that things are not as they seem. The ghosts all have a secret to hide; will you escape before their stories run out…?

The Date: Friday 23 August, 2019

The Location: Portchester Castle
The Time: 7:30 PM
The Price: £15

There is a legend surrounding a White Lady at Portchester Castle, some have seen her, many have felt her presence. But she is by no means alone; a spectral monk in his black cloak are said to float around the castle grounds and a rider on horseback is sometimes seen riding, its horse’s hooves even being captured on tape.

In Victorian times, Ms. White is thought to have thrown herself from the castle’s keep into the surrounding moat with the motive of saving her baby who had fallen into the moat. But is that all there is to this story… you are about to find out.

The location: Portchester Castle
Address: Church Road, Portchester, Hampshire PO16 9QW
Parking: The Castle has its own car park outside the walls
Accessibility: Only the first floor is accessible. There are a LOT of steps inside the Keep