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Ghost Hunt of Stansted House

Ghost Hunt of Stansted House
Ghost Hunt of Stansted House
Ghost Hunt of Stansted House

Ghost Hunt of Stansted House

Dark Encounters was the first group to investigate this stunning country house over ten years ago. We return to reopen the Casebook; lets see whether we can recapture what occurred on those very first investigations. Can we unlock the secrets of those that once lived here?

The oldest part of the House was originally an 11th Century hunting lodge but this was converted into the St Paul’s Chapel when the much larger country home was built in 1688. This house burnt down in 1900 and what stands today is an Edwardian replica rebuilt in 1903 but still has the feel of a much older builder. We have secured access to the labyrinth of servants rooms, corridors, under-crofts, cellars and even a chapel.

The Date: 19/01/19 to 20/01/19

The Location: Stansted House
The Time: 8:00 PM
The Price: £42

Join Dark Encounters as we carry out a comprehensive paranormal investigation of the site. You will get to investigate for yourselves; setting up experiments, carrying out the experiments and recording your observations. So whether it is a lone vigil in a dark corridor, EVP experiments in undercroft, or Dowsing experiments in the chapel you will be in the heart of the action. At the beginning of your evening you will have a briefing on ghost hunting techniques and the plan for the evening. Then you will split into smaller groups to carry out the investigation. The teams will be led by experience investigators who will guide you to the correct areas and how to set up the experiments. There will be regular refreshment breaks and then at the end of the evening all teams will have a debriefing as we report the evidence recorded. We will be looking for correlations of phenomena between the groups and previous investigations we have carried out at the location - all recorded in the Casebook of Dark Encounters from the past ten years.

The location: Stansted House
Address: Stansted Park, Rowland's Castle, Hampshire PO9 6DX
Parking: Onsite parking. Use Offices entrance
Accessibility: Lift access to lower floors. Steps to undercroft.